Enchanted Elegance DIY Flowers for the Wedding

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A bride wants to walk down the aisle surrounded by a lot of beautiful flowers. That’s a fact! But lots of flowers in a wedding would mean spending a lot more, right? Wrong! Go DIY with Bloominous so you will not have to spend so much more on boutonnieres, bouquets, and centerpieces!


Bridal Bouquet

The site is a haven for brides. Choose from among the six collections Bloominous has: Enchanted Elegance, Party Pop, Vintage Cottage, Bohemian Desert, Country Charm, and Eco Chic. I personally love the Enchanted Elegance Collection as it’s like a Downton Abbey with a modern twist style.

Bridesmaid Bouquet


I know it can be intimidating when you find yourself doing something normally done by experts like flower arrangement. But worry not! Bloominous will help you have fun while going DIY flowers. They will dethorn and preportion the already easy to arrange flowers before they ship it to you by air. All you have to do is enjoy the process of personally arranging the flowers you will use on your wedding day. Make the girls help! Now, if you are not yet ready to commit, try one of the kits Bloominous has.

Whatta face! ;P

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Bitch Face

I know women who have faces like this. Always looking like there’s something smelling so bad under their noses. I don’t know why they’d want a face like this that they can change into a beautiful smiling one…

Oh well. Whatever makes you tick, right?



Taste in music.

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I guess we all can relate to this…

taste in music

Am I right?

Who doesn’t like to be surrounded by kindred spirits? I love having people with whom I can relate to especially in books I read and songs I listen to. That’s the truth! I remember this fake book that my friends and I were talking about. One topic led to another and we ended up singing every good song we all love and could remember the lyrics. It was such a fun night!

The same thing took place when I was with my siblings and cousins. We had fun talking about songs from our childhood. It is always fun to be with people who has the same taste in music like I do.

Sunday alone.

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Some days, it is good for our soul to be alone. You know, peace and quiet. Hearing one’s own thoughts. And just emptying ourselves of anything negative.

Today is such a day for me. Sunday alone. To be honest about it, I love every minute of peace and quiet that this Sunday is affording me.

I hope to have more Sundays like this one.


That thing you do!

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I am so very happy to bring good cheer to a friend of mine who is undergoing some struggle in life that I wasn’t even aware of. I went to visit her because I was in the area of her neighborhood and I thought I’d drop by to just say hi. So when she told me that she’s been down and out lately, I chose to stay and catch up with her.

We talked about so many things including her new passion in music, musician’s friend which is her go-to place for everything music, and the band that she formed which is now her primary source of income and happiness. Then, she told me about her struggle with her family and how they couldn’t accept the fact that she left a lucrative career to become a musician.

In a way, I could empathize with her. I underwent the same struggle when I switched careers. But, I guess, my family knew me better in such a way that they let me be after a while. They know that writing is my passion. I told my friend that sooner or later her family will accept her choice. She just has to wait.

Now or never.

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now or never

There is one thing that I realized after I celebrated my birthday a couple of weeks ago… It’s now or never for me! I have always dreamed of doing something else than just the course I finished in college. Don’t get me wrong, I love my profession. But my first love is entirely in a different field and I realized that it’s past time for me to pursue that dream.

Now or never.

I will do everything I can to fulfill that dream of mine and see myself succeed in that field.

Oh, yes, I will!


Christmas in July.

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I love how some people are so organized with their lives. If you ask me, I am the type of person who always tries to prepare but ends up rushing at the last minute. Almost always. Ha! Ha! Ha! Every Christmas, I try to prepare way ahead, months before the season itself. You know what happens? I always find myself in a Christmas rush shopping with the others who are late in getting on with their purchases like me. Sigh.

I am now looking at jim shore christmas products and I think that I will proceed with preparing ahead of Christmas just like I always plan. This time around, I will make do with my promise. Christmas shopping in July it is!

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