Trust is important.

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How can you let someone into your property when you know you can’t trust the person? Exactly! You can’t. That’s why trust is important. Trust between a landlord and a tenant, to be specific about it. My dad is thinking of using a big space we have at the side of the house. He plans to convert it to a rental space, a studio unit, so that he has additional income beginning next year. I agreed.

I told him to use a service which will verify the background of the possible tenant. You just never know if you can trust a person. Sometimes, even those you know can’t be trusted. I also told my dad to use a service like the one I found at which helps landlords verify tenant employment and income.

It’s fairly straightforward. The landlord (my dad in this case) will request certain information from the possible tenant through Tenantify, and the latter will use it to do their verification through safe and secure means. If the possible tenant checks out, trust can slowly be built between the former and the landlord. Easy!

Alone again naturally

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Being alone is natural for me. I don’t go pitying myself like other people. I am more confident than that. But there is always a tug in my heart when it comes into focus that I don’t have someone to call my own.

I know it will come, yes. I only have to wait and strengthen my faith.

But there are moments in my life, after feeling the tug, that my faith wavers. My soul yearns for that someone to hold me and tell me everything’s going to be okay.


Childless single woman

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If you are a single woman who doesn’t have any intentions of marrying in the near future and you are already in your ’30s chances are you are getting those pitying looks from friends and love ones. I can relate to that. They just can’t understand how you could be happy living alone. They can’t understand why you can’t find someone to be with when even the help has two men fighting over her.

What other people fail to understand is the fact that a woman, or a man for that matter, need not be with anyone to be complete. In fact, a person can be truly happy living alone and it doesn’t mean that the person is lonely. A person can feel loved even without a romantic partner.

I just turned 36 a few weeks ago. I am getting quite a few ‘concerned’ questions from well-meaning love ones about why I haven’t married yet and how I should be minding my biological clock if I want to have a child. I just smile and let them interpret it anyway they like. I stopped answering those questions a year ago!

Enchanted Elegance DIY Flowers for the Wedding

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A bride wants to walk down the aisle surrounded by a lot of beautiful flowers. That’s a fact! But lots of flowers in a wedding would mean spending a lot more, right? Wrong! Go DIY with Bloominous so you will not have to spend so much more on boutonnieres, bouquets, and centerpieces!


Bridal Bouquet

The site is a haven for brides. Choose from among the six collections Bloominous has: Enchanted Elegance, Party Pop, Vintage Cottage, Bohemian Desert, Country Charm, and Eco Chic. I personally love the Enchanted Elegance Collection as it’s like a Downton Abbey with a modern twist style.

Bridesmaid Bouquet


I know it can be intimidating when you find yourself doing something normally done by experts like flower arrangement. But worry not! Bloominous will help you have fun while going DIY flowers. They will dethorn and preportion the already easy to arrange flowers before they ship it to you by air. All you have to do is enjoy the process of personally arranging the flowers you will use on your wedding day. Make the girls help! Now, if you are not yet ready to commit, try one of the kits Bloominous has.

Whatta face! ;P

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Bitch Face

I know women who have faces like this. Always looking like there’s something smelling so bad under their noses. I don’t know why they’d want a face like this that they can change into a beautiful smiling one…

Oh well. Whatever makes you tick, right?



Taste in music.

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I guess we all can relate to this…

taste in music

Am I right?

Who doesn’t like to be surrounded by kindred spirits? I love having people with whom I can relate to especially in books I read and songs I listen to. That’s the truth! I remember this fake book that my friends and I were talking about. One topic led to another and we ended up singing every good song we all love and could remember the lyrics. It was such a fun night!

The same thing took place when I was with my siblings and cousins. We had fun talking about songs from our childhood. It is always fun to be with people who has the same taste in music like I do.

Sunday alone.

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Some days, it is good for our soul to be alone. You know, peace and quiet. Hearing one’s own thoughts. And just emptying ourselves of anything negative.

Today is such a day for me. Sunday alone. To be honest about it, I love every minute of peace and quiet that this Sunday is affording me.

I hope to have more Sundays like this one.


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