Ala-Rory Gilmore…

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Rory Gilmore

This is me when it comes to reading books. I love the smell of books, the feel of the pages, the weight of the entire novel within it. I am known to encourage everyone around me to read. Much like Rory Gilmore in Gilmore Girls! I also carry with me at least two or more books when I know I will be away from home for a couple of days.

Yes, I am a bookworm and proud of it!


Take chances

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Take Chances

This is something I am telling myself right this very minute. I need to take chances! I have always been afraid to take chances because my family is never far from my mind. I am afraid that I will fail should I take a risk and when I do, I am not the only one who will suffer but my family as well.

But all my siblings are adults now. My dad is still young and my sisters can take care of him. I’d like to give myself a chance this time around to really explore and enjoy life. I want to at least be able to tell everyone that I took a chance. I took a risk and whatever the outcome would be, the fact that I dove head first is something of a feat already.

This time around, I will be taking chances. No more just lounging inside my safety net.

Romance in the work place

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Offce Dating Romance

I am reminded of two bosses who had an open-secret affair… of a co-worker who asked me out and wanted me to accompany him to his parents’ anniversary party (which was so weird considering it would be our first time to date!)… of a friend who went out with her boss who eventually became her boyfriend… and of all those TV shows and movies and novels that centered around this topic.

Romance in the work place.

Does it really work? What are the repercussions to co-workers dating and then breaking up? What are the chances that the integrity of the company be put in line when a company owner promotes someone from the bottom line of the rank and file to an executive position just because they are lovers?

I will explore more of this topic/issue in a series of posts.

Stay tuned.

In the spirit of love

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Spirit of Love

Someone once told me to do things out of love and it will not feel overworked. It will not feel uncomfortable or done mechanically. If something is done in the spirit of love, it is more genuine. We live life that way.

I think one of the reasons why I am happy still being single even though I am nearing the ‘due date’ I gave myself in finding the one is because I do things in the spirit of love. As much as I can, I make sure every little thing I do is done with love behind it.

How about you?


Vibrant blue

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vibrant blue

I don’t know why but I am drawn to this vibrant blue color. I saw the photo above while searching for wedding ideas. I was immediately drawn to the vibrant blue!

I was thinking that if and when I get married, that blue will be part of the motif. I want my maid of honor and flower girl to wear gowns of that hue. Gorgeous color, don’t you think?


Too old already?!

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Is there anything you feel too old to do anymore?

Yes, there’s one thing that I feel I am too old to do anymore. Have a baby!


I don’t want to be an old mother. Sorry, I know there are a lot of women my age (mid-30’s) who are trying to have a baby but I think it’s not for me. I will be a good mother but our family’s history of sickness is just something I can’t ignore.

I believe the single life is really meant for me.

Unaware of worldly stuff

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Teen Lovers

They became friends when they were in their teens. The guy somehow had this ‘thing’ for the girl but for some reason he didn’t pursue her. They were an ‘item’ but short of being a boyfriend and girlfriend. The girl was in love with the boy but the latter was vague on his feelings for her. But they were always together. And do stuff together.

I do think that the girl was the loser in this kind of situation. There should be a definition, a name to what you have because in open relationships, the women almost always end up losing. You might not see it now but women always give more than what they should.

Good thing the girl was unaware of worldly stuff when they had a thing. She would have ended up throwing away her future had she allowed more than holding hands, hugging and kissing with the boy.

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